On January 14, 2020, citizens of Sapulpa will have the opportunity to allow their voices to be heard. We are proposing improvements to streets and bridges, upgrading parks, recreational facilities and municipal buildings, and measures to assist with overall economic growth. Passing ALL SIX propositions would only raise taxes to the equivalent of a cup of Starbuck’s coffee, per citizen, monthly!

So what do you say Sapulpa? Allow your voice to be heard on January 14! Let’s pave the road to a better Sapulpa.

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Updates & Additional Information

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Application Deadline for 2020 GO Bond Oversight and Advisory Board

Proposition 1:
Repairing Streets and Bridges

Proposition 2:
Public Safety Buildings

Proposition 3:
Park Improvements

Proposition 4:
Economic Growth

Proposition 5:
Booker T. Washington Rec Center

Proposition 6:
Sapulpa’s Youth Sports Complex